It’s really not that hard to say great things about the Big 10. It’s choosing where to start thats the hard part. So how about we roll right from the top.

Nebraska sits at the top of the polls, a near unanimous #1. They started their season off with a raucous, come-from-behind win over previously top ranked UCLA. Penn State and Minnesota are also in the top-10. The Gophers just went on the road and took down highly touted Texas. Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan and Illinois are also ranked. That gives the Big 10 a total of seven teams in the polls, most by any other conference in the country, with an eigth squad, Michigan State, just on the cusp of the rankings receiving plenty of voter support. Two weekends ago, Big 10 squads took home seven tournament titles. This past weekend, league teams went 26-8 with Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State and Minnesota all taking down ranked teams. The Big 10’s cumulative record in the early going of the 2012 season is 87-17. And, it doesnt hurt that all the league’s teams are pretty damn easy on the eyes. Maybe I am a little biased here, but Michigan’s squad regularly is one of the best looking teams across the country in any sport. If there is anyone else in the country that combines kick ass athleticism and killer good looks like Lexi Dannemiller, then we havent seen it.

So¬†the Big 10 rules. I wont hear any arguments to the contra……wait, whats that you say? You say this was supposed to be a football column on the Big 10. Why would we want to write one of those? We’re clearly a volleyball conference now. But, if you insist on something football related, I guess I could try. Ready? Alright, here goes:

Everything is terrible. Good job, good effort, Big 10 Football*

*Michigan State, Denard Robinson and the Northwestern offense excluded. Nothing terrible there. At least not yet.